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Are search engines, outdated databases or legacy CRMs the best way to find customers?

Manually finding and researching businesses is costing you time, money, and effort. Legacy CRM's and spreadsheets quickly become outdated, so you can't properly manage sales flows.

Our AI can find and research leads for you

Manual research and outreach isn't the best way

When you're looking for new sales leads, it's easy to miss important data or understand the bigger picture.

  • It wastes your time looking through company websites

  • You have to copy information into your CRM yourself

Other sales solutions don't do the work for you

The sales software market is a crowded place, but so many of the solutions are lacking in key features to help you.

  • You have to find and research your own sales leads

  • By using just a database or CRM you're missing out


Can you afford to let your new sales leads dry up?

If you're only focusing on your current clients, you aren't finding more to replace them as they naturally churn, while your competitors are likely to be building their sales pipeline.

Finding new leads for an hour per week can significantly increase your sales.


Step 1

Find leads in Leadsearch

Filter 200m+ companies in every country, then add or enrich them into your CRM. Use filters to narrow down your search to find the perfect sales leads for your business.

Is the data compliant and safe to use?

Yes! We license the data so that it complies with all data protection laws.


Step 2

Benefit from AI research

When you enrich a sales lead in Leadsearch, our AI performs a search, then gathers people, places, context and contact information for you if it finds the business website.

Does it always find the website?

Sometimes the business doesn't have a website, or we miss it, but you can always add it later.


Step 3

Manage leads in your CRM

We give you all the tools you need to build a relationship with your sales leads. Progress tracking, notes, activity and tags will make sure that you close more deals with clients.

Can I use my existing CRM, or use my own leads?

Yes! You can export or import leads to and from your existing CRM if you'd like.


Step 4

Smart outreach support

Once you have some sales leads, you can create Automation Flows and Campaigns to manage the outreach. Build or choose flows to receive Sales Actions based on the steps you've chosen.

Can this be used for spam?

Sales Actions means there's always a human in the loop, making outreach genuine and authentic.

This is why our customers love Find Me Sales

Clare Martin

Clare Martin

Blue Cactus Logo

"Find Me Sales is an essential part of our sales process at Blue Cactus Digital. We’ve been using it to source consultancies and tech companies to reach out to relevant decision makers. We have had great success finding those businesses. I highly recommend it for any service-based brands."


These companies are already finding more sales, when will you?

When it comes to finding new sales, there's no such thing as having too many leads. Let us help you reach more businesses, so that your company continues to thrive. Start today with these benefits:

  • Immediately start finding relevant business leads

  • Cancel your subscription any time if you want to stop

  • Export leads that you have already found if you leave

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