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Real-time data

A real-time mirror of the Companies House database, means you're the first to know about new companies and updates.


Automate sales research of any company in the database, then create Automation Flows to generate Sales Actions.

Free trial, low cost

We offer a free trial so you can analyse your favourite 50 leads in Leadsearch, with affordable monthly or annual plans.

How it works?



Sales Intelligence
Real-time Companies House mirror called Leadsearch gives you sales intelligence on any UK business.
AI reasearches leads for you by giving you an overview and gathering contact details, freeing up your time.
Automation Flows and Campaigns help you to structure sales outreach to businesses.
Connect your email mailbox to send or receive emails directly from the platform to get deliver and open receipts.

Free Leads

Try our service now with 50 free leads when you sign up today.

Sales platform

Achieve sales success

Map out whole UK industries and contact leads with confidence. Use Artificial Intelligence to gather contact and social information as well as names, places and context. Automate your sales workflows to contact leads through linked social profiles or connect your mailbox and use templates to email leads directly.




Boost your sales using the Leadsearch database to find new businesses, then automate research and outreach.


Map your entire target audience, make lists of contacts and use automation tools to help build marketing reach.


Reach other businesses to sell your product and use Leadsearch to find investors that are looking to invest.


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