Sales Automation

Automate your sales outreach

Create Automation Flows and Campaigns to generate Sales Actions and automate your sales outreach.


Automate your outreach

Campaigns and Automation Flows

Campaigns and Automation Flows

Choose or create your own Automation Flows to automate building a sales relationship.

  • Automation Flows builds relationships step by step, each producing a Sales Action for matching data.

  • Campaigns help you measure the success of the same Automation Flow on different customer types.

Sales Actions

Sales Actions

Sales Actions are generated from Campaigns and Automation Flows, with each click taking you to the action.

  • Sales Actions can be taken on the relavant social channel with a single click.

  • Email Sales Actions link to your chosen email templates so the sender, subject and body are pre-filled.

Free Credits

Use credits to get AI to research your leads

Sales Intelligence
A live global database of 200m+ companies called Leadsearch gives you sales intelligence on many businesses.
AI reasearches leads for you by giving you an overview and gathering contact details, freeing up your time.
Automation Flows and Campaigns help you to structure sales outreach to businesses.
Connect your email mailbox to send or receive emails directly from the platform to get deliver and open receipts.