AI Analysis and CRM

AI populates your CRM

AI searches for the business and reads every page linked from the website homepage for context.


AI reads website

AI Research

AI Research

Get contact and social information for leads, as well as people, places and context.

  • Once a business website is found, our AI reads every page linked from the homepage for you.

  • Every business that you analyse counts as one lead from your monthly lead allowance.

Powerful CRM

Powerful CRM

Leadsboard helps you keep track of sales progress, with tags, archives and filtering.

  • Use the filters to find companies who can buy your product or service.

  • Click the Enrich button to add any business to your CRM and start analysing it with AI.

Free Credits

Use credits to get AI to research your leads

Sales Intelligence
A live global database of 200m+ companies called Leadsearch gives you sales intelligence on many businesses.
AI reasearches leads for you by giving you an overview and gathering contact details, freeing up your time.
Automation Flows and Campaigns help you to structure sales outreach to businesses.
Connect your email mailbox to send or receive emails directly from the platform to get deliver and open receipts.