Solutions Overview

Automation for sales, marketing and founders

Whatever you do, we have AI-led tools to help you reach your full potential.


Live Company Data

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Use AI to automate your sales research and outreach to surpass your targets.

  • Find leads in real-time using Leadsearch, then add them to your CRM and get our AI to find the business website and information.

  • Automate sales outreach with Automation Flows and Campaigns, and connect your email to send templates of your choice.

Marketing Overview

Marketing Overview

Map your target market in real-time, build new lists and plan events to build your audience.

  • Use Leadsearch to filter your target audience in real-time and use AI to analyse any company of interest.

  • Analysed companies are added to your CRM lists, and you can automate outreach for list building and events.

Founders Overview

Founders Overview

Map your industry, make new sales and find potential investors with our AI-led tools.

  • Find information about your industry in real-time, plus contact potential leads and investors.

  • Use Automation Flows and Campaigns to automate outreach for business developments, partnerships and investors.

Free Credits

Use credits to get AI to research your leads