Connect Email

Advanced Mailbox Features

Connect your mailbox to send from the platform, draft templates and get delivery status.


Send Emails From The Platform

Mailbox Connection

Mailbox Connection

Connecting your mailbox allows you to send emails direct from the platform with delivery information.

  • Send an email to any lead when you click on a leads email. Load templates into the email composer to save time.

  • When you send an email from Find Me Sales you receive a delivery or read receipts where available.

Email Templates

Email Templates

Create and save email templates to select in Automation Flows.

  • Unlimited Email Templates can be created to include text formating and images of your choice.

  • Load saved Email Templates from your Sales Actions or from the email composer page.

Free Credits

Use credits to get AI to research your leads

Sales Intelligence
A live global database of 200m+ companies called Leadsearch gives you sales intelligence on many businesses.
AI reasearches leads for you by giving you an overview and gathering contact details, freeing up your time.
Automation Flows and Campaigns help you to structure sales outreach to businesses.
Connect your email mailbox to send or receive emails directly from the platform to get deliver and open receipts.