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Automate sales research and outreach

Pre-populate your CRM with real-time data and automate outreach to grow your pipeline.


Live Company Data

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Find leads in real-time

Find leads in real-time

Filter companies anywhere in real-time, and get AI to analyse the lead for useful research.

  • Filter companies in every country by location, activity and more to find new sales leads.

  • Click the Enrich button to add the company to your CRM and get the AI to start researching the company for you.

Awesome CRM, pre-populated by AI

Awesome CRM, pre-populated by AI

We do initial AI research on any company you add to your CRM, which comes packed with cool features.

  • Our CRM helps you organise leads with tags, filtering, archives and your own data.

  • AI does an initial Google search and reads each page of a companies website to find contact info, people, places and context.

Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Automate your sales outreach with our Automation Flows, Campaigns and Sales Actions

  • Create or choose Automation Flows that give you Sales Actions to automate your outbound sales.

  • Sales Actions give you timed reminders to take Sales Actions and build relationships with leads.

Mailbox Connection

Mailbox Connection

Email directly from the platform, get delivery reports and save Templates.

  • Send emails to leads directly from the platform with delivery and read receipts when available.

  • Save unlimited Email Templates that you can load into email or use in Automation Flows.

Free Credits

Use credits to get AI to research your leads